Inspect For Delivery


What We Offer

  • Relocate your packages/products/warehouse
  • Store your packages
  • Verify and confirm the status of your product and/or boxes
  • Label your package on a custom format
  • Ship to your location


Warehouse relocation

The price for relocation is subject of discussion between us so you should contact us to set the transaction details. Basically, you ask we do. We got all the logistics and knowledge to fulfill any requirement. Just let us know where from and were to move your packages. We take care of the whole chain from A to Z.

Storage services – $22/pallet/month

  • we have room for any number of boxes you got
  • provide warehousing for you
  • distribution on the customer needs
  • link your Amazon almost out of stock deposit with new items that we can store for your

Quality check per pallet – $0.23/pcs

  • any product received from Amazon and not only will be checked against:
  • the outer packaging integrity
  • count the number of products in the package (not removing the polybags or from the box)
  • check if FNSKU label is applied. If not we take care of it

Packages verification

secondary package replacement (wouldn’t you like your customer be happy with a product box looking perfect?!?) depending on the requested protection, starting from $0.2/pcs (standard, regular protection, carton box), depending on the type of the box you need:

Special purpose packaging replacement from $7/pcs:

  • light protection
  • dust & soil
  • temperature fluctuations
  • oxygen
  • mechanical damages
  • water & moisture
  • biological contamination

Standard verification for only $0.23/pcs, includes:

  • product physical integrity confirmation
  • the product properties that must comply with the expectations (color, size, logo presence, washing label, size etc.)
  • the product and the full accessories are present, including the bonus cards, instructions manual etc.


  • add fragile – $0.15/label (first 50 for free)
  • shipping label (replace old shipping label with new ones) – $0.15/label (first 50 for free)
  • transparent sealing, any shape- $0.10/seal
  • package forwarding – $7.5/master case
  • check and add extra labeling (warnings, special requirements) – $0.12/pcs

Functionality check

  • we make sure the products are working as designed for only $0.70/pcs
  • it sounds load and clear (music toys, instruments, CD players, TVs etc.)
  • it moves as expected (toys, cars, animals etc.)
  • if you want batteries will be provided for $2/2bat

The verification process is following a check list settled by our team members in years of experience and interactions with a wide variety of customers. Every step is documented, pictures and logs are saved. You decide the next step in case of damaged boxes, cases, and product based on the pictures we send out.

Shipping services

Based on over 15 years of crew members experience on international shipment, we certify we can offer professional shipping services no matter what.

Sea freight – the best approach for big and heavy volumes. More shipping time less money

Air freight – if the short arrival time at destination is a must, we can use this solution. Let’s discuss the price on event basis. Just contact us using the details on the contact area.


Other services

  • if you want to sell your products we order for your, we store it, get it ready for delivery, prepare presentation, pictures, provide storage, packaging and drop-off services. The fee will be discussed on each product type base
  • insert additional materials like flayers, discount cards in the products box – only $0.1/pcs
  • sortage (based on the property you decide we sort the products into functionality, size, color etc.) – $0.12/pcs
  • masterbox replacement – $1.2-$8 based on the size
  • polybags supply – $0.3/pcs

Payments to be made either by bank transfer ($25 fee) or PayPal (3.5% commission)

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